Always Green Serrano 75 Oz.

$1.99  per Sq.Foot

Length ( Foot )
Width ( Foot )
Total Area 0.00
Total Price 0.00
Pile Height

1.57″ (40 mm)


Emerald&Olive Bi-Color+Green&Yellow Bi-Color

Face Weight


Total Weight 75 oz

TurfCool Artificial Grass  

Helps keep your turf 10-15 degrees cooler

Rhino Triple PP PU Backing

Polyethylene Yarn: Highly durable and extremely life-like turf that offers a brilliant green luster and the soft, natural feel of real grass blades

Polypropylene Thatch: Less resistant to activity and more pliable

Polyurethane Backing: More versatility, strength, flexibility and durability. Resistant to UV rays, chemicals and water

Lead Free Artificial Grass  

Built to be safe and guaranteed lead free


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