Rhino Backing

Why Rhino Backed Artificial Grass Is Essential

Rhino Backing

Rhino Backing is a Polyurethane material that has strong bonding properties that keeps the individual grass fibers in place, providing the fibers with extra strength. This strength makes it wear and tear resistant, making it highly suitable for being underfoot. 

We want to make your life easier and that’s why we created Rhino Backing—a flexible and lightweight material for easy installation.


Resistance to Tearing

AGL’s Rhino Backing material is distributed evenly among the fibers, which thus have better adhesion to the backing.


Compared to latex material, our backing does not crumble or degrade. 

Aging tests have demonstrated that even under extreme weather conditions, Rhino Backing will help the turf carpet to last longer.

Easy Installment

AGL’s  Rhino Backing is lighter, more flexible and moldable compared to latex backed products.

Our backing makes the artificial grass easier to handle due to its light weight, easier to cut because of the thin flexible backing and shows a greater improved adaptation capacity to land unevenness when installed.

Rhino Backing does not stiffen under the influence of lower temperatures, making installment in less favorable weather conditions much easier compared to other backings.

Safe for Pets

AGL’s Rhino Backing artificial grass doesn’t absorb moisture, liquids and therefore, urine. This greatly diminishes pet hygiene and odor issues. We  still do advise you to wash the area regularly with water and if needed use a diluted disinfectant for hygiene purposes.


Our Rhino Backing is the best choice if you are looking for high quality artificial grass that’s safe for your pets and budget friendly. 

Find the perfect grass for your home.

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