Why TurfCool Artificial Grass Is Essential

Keeping Cool

Artificial turf is used to create the perfect space for outdoor entertaining. You can enjoy the summer heat and enjoy your play areas with cool, comfortable climate control artificial grass. 

TurfCool turf from AGL keeps your artificial grass 10-15 degrees cooler. With our UV-resistant turf, you no longer have to worry about the ground temperature scorching your feet in the hot season.


Prevents Your Turf From Fading

Your artificial grass will be constantly exposed to the sun’s rays. With no protection against the UV light, the sun can break down the chemical bonds in your synthetic turf, causing its colors to fade or bleed. 

Our AGL TurfCool artificial grass has heat-reflective pigments guaranteed to keep your artificial grass’ natural, green appearance for years.

No More Yarn Splitting

Sun exposure can break down your artificial turf, leading to fray and a breakdown of the yarn, known more commonly as yarn splitting. Yarn splitting creates a more brittle and rough feeling to your artificial turf, causing it to less lifelike. 

Our UV-coated blades are specially designed to keep your turf looking new and fresh, year after year. Protect your investment with our TurfCool artificial grass. 

Have Your Turf Last Longer

Our TurfCool turf is a UV-treated advanced synthetic grass designed for durability and longevity.

AGL brings you the latest in artificial turf technology. The highest quality materials and our TurfCool UV-resistant artificial grass makes it perfect for your outdoor landscape needs.

AGL ensures that whatever you buy from us is made with your health, safety, and environment in mind.

Find the perfect grass for your home.

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