Artificial Grass Installation

Install Your Turf

Tip: Before install, roll out your turf in the sun with the blades face down for at least 1-2 hours. This will make it easier for you to work with your synthetic turf.

  1.  Place your artificial turf on your prepped base, be sure that the grain/stitch rows of the turf run in one direction. Flip the turf onto its backside and using a turf knife, cut the turf to fit your area.
  2. Secure one end with 5-6 inch nails, spaced 3-4 inches apart along the perimeter. You then stretch the artificial turf as you nail down the other end. Place a nail every 12-24 inches down the center and every 3-4 inches along the edges. Be aware not to push the nails too far into the base, as this will create a dip in your lawn.
  3. Seal the seams with seaming tape and seaming glue. Apply the tape lengthwise to the backside of turf, lining up the turf edges and centering it on the seaming tape. You need the seams to be lined up and have no slack. The grain of the turf rolls should be facing in the same direction and the spacing at the seam should match that of the stitch rows. Secure together the seams by using 5” or 6” nails along the seam, staggered every 4 inches (staples can be used for this, but do not counter sink them). 
  4. After your artificial grass is installed, it is important to hand broom or power broom it before applying the Camofill infill. Use a drop spreader to add the Camofill infill to your turf and spread it as evenly as possible with a grading rake or broom. This step allows the Camofill infill to be worked into the backing.

NOTE: Do not use regular sand for infill. Use only Camofill materials recommended by the manufacturer. Camofill infill amounts will differ: 1.5-2 pounds per square feet depending on thickness of the artificial grass. On average a 50-pound bag of Camofill will usually cover 25-35 square feet of turf.

          5. Hand or power broom your turf one final time so that all the blades are in a straight up position. Using carpet scissors, trim any excessive turf blades. 

**Our Camofill products are CA Prop 65 EXEMPT. Non-toxic and natural, Camofill infill is safe for families and pets. 


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