Artificial Turf Landscaping Design Ideas

Transform Your Space With Artificial Grass

  1. Create a Putting Green: Artificial turf is perfect for creating a putting green in your backyard. You can customize the size and shape of the green to fit your space and add some golfing fun to your landscape.

  2. Design a Play Area: Artificial grass is an excellent choice for creating a safe and clean play area for kids. It’s soft, durable, and easy to clean up after playtime.

  3. Make a Rooftop Garden: Artificial turf can be used to create a beautiful rooftop garden, adding some greenery to your urban living space.

  4. Build a Pet-Friendly Space: Artificial turf is an ideal option for pet owners who want to create a low-maintenance, pet-friendly outdoor space. It’s easy to clean, and pets can play and relax on it without damaging the grass.

  5. Design an Outdoor Living Space: Use artificial grass to create an inviting outdoor living space, like a patio or deck. It can be used as a soft flooring option under outdoor furniture, or as a green space to add some color and texture to your design.

  6. Create a Zen Garden: Use artificial turf to create a peaceful and serene Zen garden. You can design a calming space with rocks, water features, and plants, all set on a soft and green background.

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